Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Response

My good friend Jennifer, forwarded an article to me the other day, asking me what I thought. I decided to take it a step farther and blog my thoughts.

The article is How The Church Makes Infertility Better (Or Worse)

As you all know, I have lots of thoughts on infertility. So I'm going to keep my reflection to sections that line up with the four sections of the article.

I need to preface with this: These are just my opinions....opinions that have been shaped from my personal experience with infertility and secondary infertility. I know that I look at infertility differently then others who battle it. I have an "open-book" personality that assists in my outlook.

1. I wholeheartedly agree that infertility is a bigger deal then most people think. If you are a fertile woman, you need to be very careful how you speak about "getting pregnant" in public settings. You don't know who you might be offending. Even with just a simple comment such as "and we weren't even trying to get pregnant!" Yes, while that is true for so many, it might not be true for someone standing in that same social circle. And sadly, that 'simple comment' becomes a haunting voice that takes days for her to forget. It's not your fault that you were able to get pregnant with no effort...just like it's not her fault that she can't get pregnant with much effort.

I do not agree with the author's thoughts on infertility being something we can't talk about at church because fertility is bound up in issues with sex and intimacy - therefore making it embarrassing to talk about. I could not disagree more. I have friends who battle infertility and have met many couples who struggle with it - never once have I heard anyone say they were embarrassed because it shun light on their issues with sex and intimacy...

It's painful. That's why it's hard to talk about. It aches in such deep dark valleys of our hearts that unless we are speaking to someone with true experience on the topic, we try not to bring it up. The painful truth is that when talking to someone who "doesn't know", we're opening the door to be hurt.

Fertility treatments are expensive and wreak havoc on your fiances. That's not new news. It sucks.

2. Battling with infertility is going to cause strain in friendships and relationships. There is no way of hiding from that. People will shock you with the things they say. Friends, to no fault of their own, will deeply hurt your feelings. You will find yourself distancing yourself from people and justifying it with "they just don't get it" and "they will say something hurtful".

I will admit that some of that is by our own doing - as the author of the article also says.

We get hurt and want to protect ourselves. That's human nature. But in most cases, we are a victim of someone's attempt to help and support. We need to be thankful for that. We need to fight our natural tendencies. It's a 2-way street. Advise givers need to be very sensitive and mindful of their words. Advise takers need to be understanding that our reality is different from their reality. Hard to do. But needs to be done for the sake of friendships.

One of my favorite paragraphs from the article is:

"If you know people in your church who are dealing with infertility, be prepared to sympathize when the topic comes up, but you can do so much to encourage them simply by being a friend. Make a point of getting to know them, spending time with them, and encouraging them spiritually in the ordinary course of life. Sometimes when infertile couples are in the throes of feeling isolated and desperate to be normal, they just need you to be a friend, to remind them that they are normal, that you like them, and that you want to live the Christian life side-by-side with them."

AMEN!! My infertility is not the only thing I know to talk about or even want to talk about. I am so appreciative when a friend asks me about our struggle, hear me when I say that. But I am also thrilled when a friend wants to talk to me about something else going on in my life. Treating me with the normal "rules of friendship" helps the relationship flow as it should. And to take it even a further step, I love love love when a friend allows me to be there for them in a hardship they are walking through. Friendship is give and take. And I love both giving and taking. Battling infertility does not mean I can't handle whatever mess my friend wants to share with me. On the contrary, my trials motivate me to jump in the deep end hand-in-hand with my friend through whatever pool, pond, lake or even ocean she is swimming in.

3. I recently blogged about a friend that asked how she could pray for me and it opened a safe platform for me to confess my anger at God and my anger at the words spoken to me in ways that seemed insensitive to me. You can read that here: Take Two

There is a great line in the article where the writer says "cultivate the kind of open, honest relationship that makes your friendship a safe space for them to vent their pain, confess their sins, and ask for accountability and prayer. Take the lead by being willing to confess your own sins and make yourself vulnerable"

Isn't that the recipe for deep maturing christian friendships - whether battling infertility or not, this should be the way we approach those relationships God has placed in our life. Who cares what a person is struggling with - this is the type of friend we are called to be as followers of Christ. There is no need to "set aside" this type of approach for only when we believe we see sin in someone's life. This should be a daily approach. Period.

4.For me, my days of battling infertility have been days that I have felt God's presence in magnificent ways. I'm not saying I have handled it perfectly, but I really work at embracing where He has me. I agree with the author about coming to new understandings about how our trials are meant for good. 

When we were going thru treatment the first time, I recall an emotional breakdown I had in October of 2010. Our 6th round of treatment had failed and we were being refereed to a new doctor for further treatment. For me, swallowing the pill of  hearing my doctor say "there's nothing else I can do but I would like to refer you on" was much harder then I thought it would be. But in the days following this news, I felt deep strength and security in God's unfailing faithfulness in my life. I felt that He was working so passionately on my heart. I truly made peace with that ALL THINGS come from Him. 

These days, I can barely get through a hymn or a sermon without tearing up. I have no doubt it's because God saw fit to walk me thru the trial of infertility and beautifully taught me things about Himself I would otherwise not know. And for that, I am so grateful.

As 2013 comes to an end and we are again 7 months into the dark deep valleys of infertility, knowing that our next step is more then we've seen yet, I am hopeful. Not only hopeful that the Lord will bless us with another child but more importantly hopeful that God is working on my heart again. I'm humbled that he challenges me daily thru this trial. I'm again grateful to me reminded that I am oh-so-small and he is oh-so-big! I'm thankful for the ways he teaches me.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pancakes & Pajamas Party!

Lindley Belle turned TWO on August 29th. Better late then never for a blog post right?

 Last year, I went all out to celebrate her 1st birthday. Want to see that blog post? Click here! But this year, I promised my hubby I would "calm" down a little. Ha! For her 2nd birthday party, I settled on the theme of "Pancakes & Pajamas". I had these adorable images in mind of all her little friends running around in their pj's and giggling about eating pancakes together.

And that's exactly what we did!

A couple of weeks before her birthday we sent this invitation out:

Then I went shopping for fabric. Because of course I had to sew her pajamas to match the invitation!

 (I tried 3 times to turn this pic right side up...)

Some of you might be thinking that I was crazy to invite a bunch of toddlers over for pancakes, but I had a fun idea. I set up 2 long tables in my living room and covered them with tablecloths. I made a place setting for each "little" guest that included a plate, fork, napkin and a cup with their name on it. So when it came time to eat, there was no confusion on where to sit! We instructed the kiddos to find their seats and sit...while the mommies made their plates. 

The pancake bar included:
mini pancakes
chocolate chips
sliced strawberries
whipped cream
maple syrup
chocolate syrup

Drink Options:
(for the adults of course!)

We had the most fun celebrating 2 years with our happy little girl!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Take Two

It's been almost 3 years since I sat down at my computer and wrote this post:

On Monday, January 3rd of 2011 I found out I was pregnant. I remember a feeling of relief rush over me. Since I was 15, when I was diagnosed with PCOS, I had this sickening feeling that I would never be pregnant. God is good. On Monday, August 29th of 2011 I gave birth to Lindley Belle, the sweetest pea pod. God is good. Yesterday, we received the news that our 4th round of fertility treatment for our second child had failed. God is good.

Last week, I was with a small group of friends. We were sharing prayer requests. I shared that we were most likely about to get news that the 4th round didn't work. I was asked how I wanted to be prayed for. I was so grateful she asked. I know it's easy to assume that someone who is battling infertility wants you to pray for patience & God's will. And yes, those are right, but here's the thing: Everyday I am searching for God's will and begging for patience. Those things are easy to pray for, because I want them.

What I'm not praying about is my anger, disappointment and extreme sensitivity to what others say. Those things are hard to pray about. To pray for those means I have to do some admitting. Ouch. By this friend asking specifically how she could pray, it softened my heart and gave me an opportunity to admit & share, in a safe place, and be prayed for for the things I struggle praying for for myself.

I know several people who have battled infertility, or currently battling it for the first time, or battling it for the second time, like me. I have friends who's infertility journey looks like mine, and others who's journey has been much longer with deeper pains and disappointment. But, in talking to these ladies, there is 1 thing that we all have in common: our sensitivity to what others say when they're trying to help. We know without any doubt that people are trying to help. We know without any doubt that people care about us and deeply want to say the right thing. And we are so thankful for these people. Truly we are!

The painful truth is this: if you have not been thru a journey of infertility, the less you say, the better.

I have a few close friends who have been so wonderful in their support and encouragement. I have learned that it's because they don't tell me how they think I should feel...they validate my hurt, they tell me how sorry they are, they hug me, they ask for me to keep them updated so they can pray. They are aware that they have not experienced it themselves and so they don't try to act like they have.

Yesterday I received this text:

"I'm so sorry to hear your news today. I have not experienced that but I do 
know pain and disappointment. I will pray for you".

3 very short and to the point sentences. But it was perfect. It's OK to tell someone that you have not been thru what they're going thru. If anything, that frees you up from the pressure to "say the right thing". I am very grateful to that friend for her text.

I have another sweet friend who occasionally will send me scripture and song lyrics. Perfect for my soul. So thankful for her too.

* I know that by putting my infertility struggles "out there", I am making it hard to deal with my sensitivity to what others say. If no one knew, no one would say the wrong thing, right? Probably very true. But that's not how I function. I have felt a calling from the Lord to be open and honest about my struggles. It's great therapy for me personally, but more importantly, I pray that I can offer other women a place of comfort. I want us to know we are not in this alone. And that there is no shame or embarrassment here. I want to hurt when you hurt, and be happy when you're happy.

Friday, September 6, 2013

1 Peter 3:3-4

"Don't be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry or beautiful clothes.You should clothe yourself instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God."

Everyday I do Lindley Belle's hair (usually the cutest little puppy dog ear pig tails). The very moment I tighten the last little piggy she twirls around and exclaims "pretty!" Then we find the perfect bow that matches her outfit. She says "show daddy!" and just that fast she goes running down the hall and into her daddy's office to show off her hair and outfit. From down the hall I can hear her squealing as her daddy tells her she is beautiful and tells her that her dress is so pretty. And of course, some sweet kisses and tight hugs are included.

Where did Lindley Belle learn to know her hair was pretty after I fixed it?
Where did she learn that she could run to her daddy for approval?
Who taught her that praise would follow putting on a pretty dress & fixing her hair?

Me. I taught her. I feel so proud.

From the moment I put a bow on her head (errr...when she was only 30 min old) and dressed her in a pretty pink outfit (the day we took her home from the hospital), I have added a little something "extra" to my voice when I tell her how pretty she is. As soon as she could walk, I began encouraging her to "show off" her outfit/hair/bow to her daddy because I knew he would add to how beautiful she was feeling. 

Like any mother, I tell my little chunky monkey how beautiful she is as often as I can. No matter what she is wearing or how her hair looks. As does her daddy - a sweet gift for me to see in action. 

Lindley Belle doesn't exclaim "pretty!" and twirl around and want to run to gain praise from her daddy when she is in her pajamas. Or when she first wakes in the morning and her hair looks like those precious babies from the pampers commercial. No, she has learned that hollering "pretty" and praising her beauty really only happens when we have fixed her hair and put on a pretty outfit.

Recently this thought has come over me: I am teaching my daughter the opposite of the gospel.

One of the most beautiful things about my salvation in Christ is that it has nothing to do with how pretty my life is or all the things I try to do to appear worthy of Him. It's actually quite the opposite. When I watch my daughter get so excited and run to show her daddy how pretty she is, I think "how great is it that this is not our relationship with the Lord".Can you imagine it? If everyday we had to go into another room, fix ourselves up until we feel worthy of His praise, and then run to the throne for his approval and acceptance. I know I would not be strong enough to keep that going. Daily I bask in the security I find in that my God sees me worthy of his Kingdom...thru Christ, NOT thru anything I have done or will do. I love this quote:

"You cannot do anything to make God love you less...but you also cannot do 
anything to make God love you more."

Unfortunately, in this broken world, unconditional love is most likely something she will never experience, separate from a relationship with the Lord. Even as her mommy, there will be times (tear) that I will disappoint her and cause her to have insecurities about my love for her. There will be times she feels like she has to perform a certain way in order to gain "more love" from me. It breaks my heart to even think of a day she feels that way. But I know that day will come.

My heart aches for her to bask in the security of feeling beautiful in Christ, whether she's in a new Belle princess gown or early in the morning when her hair is a hot mess. Oh how I yearn for my sweet Lindley Belle to know the unconditional love of God.

P.S. Don't worry - I will still continue to let Lindley Belle find joy in running to her daddy to show off her hair and outfit. Because I know from personal experience that 29 years from now, Lindley Belle will be stronger and more confident in herself because of her daddy telling her that she is beautiful. I would never take that away from her. A father's love for his daughter is a sacred thing...you don't mess with it! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars. They're everywhere right now aren't they? I've totally jumped on the bandwagon. I love them. I love them as drinking jars. Flowers jars. Candy jars (I'm not kidding, I have a mason jar in the bathroom full of candy for my daughter - don't you wish you got candy every time you went to the potty?!)

I have these mason jars that I painted - seriously took no longer then an hour - start to finish. But they always seem to get a lot of attention (more then the curtains I sewed that took several hrs...) when friends and family come over. So, I thought I'd do a quick "how to" for all you to see how simple it is. Sadly, it didn't occur to me to take "during" pictures. Only before and after. My bad.

I bought my jars at Hobby Lobby when glass was 50% off. 

RARELY do I buy full price at Hobby Lobby :)

I have some acrylic paint in my craft stash at home. So I use a green, a blue and some white and whipped up these different turquoise shades.

Then followed these simple steps:
1. Pour a large amount of paint into the jar
2. Roll the jar around in all different directions - watching to make sure the paint makes it's way all the way around and up the sides.
3. Lay newspaper down
4. Pick a side of the jar (doesn't matter where you start) and lay it down 
5. Wait 5 minutes
6. Roll the jar on to another side
7. Repeat steps 5-6 a couples times
8. Turn jar upside down on newspaper to let excess paint drip out
9. Wait 10 min
10. DONE! 

Once they were all dry, I tied some twine (because who doesn't love twine!) around the necks and added a few wild flowers. I wanted the perfect place to put these little babies. 

To make a long story short...

When a recent GAP store was closing, my sweet mom was given some dark wooden boxes. In her exact words she thought "I bet Missy could do something with these!" So she packed them in her car and brought them to me! I love an excuse for a new DIY project. I painted the boxes with non other then the amazing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and hung them in a row above our couch! Insert cute turquoise mason jars...and PRETTY! 

Wait, what is that behind the flowers in the top right picture?...you might ask. Well, our downstairs thermostat was placed smack in the middle of the wall. NOT good for a girl that loves to decorate. BUT, I rose to the challenge. I measured the thermostat and had a square cut that was a little bit bigger. Let me just tell you. I was quite proud of myself when I hung that box!

Monday, July 1, 2013

10 Years Later

I started this post last month and never finished it. I am finally getting a chance to finish and post it. I wrote it on June 8...

Ten years ago this very weekend, I attended a trip to Fall Creek Falls. I had been visiting the College & Career class at Grace Evan for a few weeks. Even though I was neither in college nor did I have a career. I was 18 and not even a high school graduate. But thought I knew everything about life. Oh how little I really knew.

This weekend I am again attending a trip to Fall Creek Falls with Grace Evan. My sweet husband is the guest speaker for the annual Jr. High Youth Camp. I'm 28, a college graduate, a wife and a mommy. My "identity" has changed a lot since the last time I was here at Fall Creek Falls.

One day, I might gain the courage to blog in detail about my testimony and how the Lord is the redeemer of all things. But for today, I will keep it short and to the point. Ten years ago I sat down in a chair in the meeting room at group lodge 1 at Fall Creek Falls. My friend Shane Carmichael was sharing a bit of his testimony. It was like the Lord was speaking directly to me in that very moment. I stood up from that chair a very changed young women.

"Long my imprisoned spirit lay,
Fast bound in sin and nature’s night;
Thine eye diffused a quickening ray—
I woke, the dungeon flamed with light;
My chains fell off, my heart was free,
I rose, went forth, and followed Thee.
My chains fell off, my heart was free,
I rose, went forth, and followed Thee."

I had no understanding of the impact that moment would have on the rest of my life. I was full of pain and so much anger at how my life was turning out. I stood from that chair full of the joy of Christ and a hope in my future with him. Like I said, one day I might blog all about how deeply the Lord saved me from my life of anger motivated sin. 

 I am a child of God, born a sinner but saved by grace thru faith.

 This is my husband Craig, our daughter Lindley Belle and myself. Standing in the very spot where my chair sat 10 years ago. I have spent the last week listening to my husband preach the gospel in the very same room where the gospel changed my life. Returning to this place with my husband who loves me with a Christ like love and our daughter who we are raising in the admiration of the Lord...well there are just no words to express the joy in my heart. 10 years prior the Lord shinned his light down on me in that room and I'm sure he just couldn't wait for me to find out all the things he had planned for those 10 years!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Potty Training : The 3 Day Method - Day 3

Day 3:

8:40am - Lindley Belle had her morning bottle.
9:00am - Breakfast (same as the days before).
10:00am - More juice.
10:30am - TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!!
11:30am - TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!!
12:00pm - Lunch time.
12:50pm - TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!!
1:00pm - I laid LB down for her nap with a diaper on.
3:45pm - LB woke up from her nap on time since she was wearing a diaper. 
4:00pm - My mom and younger brother came over. Today is his 25th birthday!!!
4:30pm -  TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!!
6:15pm - Dinner time. She started to tee-tee while eating but stopped herself and finished in the potty! So technically she had an accident but I was so proud she controlled it till the potty!
7:00pm - TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!! Right before we took a bath.
7:30pm - LN had her night time bottle.
8:00pm - Cici & I laid LB down for bed with a diaper on.

I am beyond proud of my sweet baby girl! She tried many times to go poo-poo today but it never happened. Maybe tomorrow. But what a BIG tee-tee success we've had!

Stay tuned for my recap & thoughts...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Potty Training : The 3 Day Method - Day 2

Day 2 :

First, I have to "tell" on myself. I put LB to bed last night in undies and had planned on doing some of the overnight ideas that this method encourages you to do. But around 11:30pm I caved and put a diaper on her. I had planned on going in there to put undies back on her before she woke...but that didn't happen. So she woke up in a diaper and I immediately took it off and put her undies on. This method encourages to train day time and night time at the same time...but LB might be a pull-up wearer for her naps and night time for a little bit longer. And I'm ok with that...

8:30am - Lindley Belle had her morning bottle.
8:45am - Breakfast (prunes, blueberries, toast) and lots of juice
9:00am - She finished breakfast on the potty bc she said "tee-tee" but nothing.
10:20am - First accident - BUT as I picked her up to run to the potty, she was able to stop herself and finished on the potty!! I call that a TEE-TEE SUCCESS! She was at first extremely upset with herself but then very proud. I couldn't believe how well she had help it in. By 10:20am the day before, she had already had 3 accidents.
10:30am - I gave her some crackers & more juice.
11:30am - Since it had been over an hour since her last potty, I encouraged her to go to the bathroom with me. She sat on the potty for a few min, acted a little scared but then went TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!! We celebrated and had some candy.
11:45am - Lunch time. More prunes & juice too. She has said "poo-poo" a lot today but has yet to go.
12:30pm - She was asking to go outside to swing & see Jake (our dog) but I knew she prob needed to go potty. I encouraged her to come to the bathroom. She sat on the potty but then started crying and acting really scared. I hugged her and put her back on the potty. Then she went TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!! We celebrated and had some candy. Then I took her outside to swing and see Jake!
1:00pm - I laid her down for her nap in the same undies she had been wearing since 10:30am! During this nap, I ran to Target (Craig was home for lunch) and bought a Elmo toilet seat. Since she has seemed a little scared of the potty seat, I thought she might like to use the real potty.
3:00pm - She woke up early again due to being wet. I should have just put a diaper on her for her nap. I plan to let her sleep in a diaper thru the night tonight.
3:15pm - I waited too long to go get her out of bed and she ended up going poo-poo in her undies. But she kept saying "yucky-yucky" so I'm hoping she understands that's a no-no.
3:45pm - TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY! This was on the real potty using the seat. She LOVED it!
4:15pm - She started "potty training" her beloved teddy bear Wiggins aka "nigh-nigh"
4:50pm - She told me "poo-poo" but then as we walked to the bathroom she turned around and said "no" so I didn't take her....I should have though bc she ended up having a tee-tee accident. First one since 10:20am!
5:35pm - TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!!!!! She really got into the celebration this time. It's clicking!!
6:00pm - Dinner time
6:15pm - Accident during dinner. Poor girl takes her eating very seriously :)
6:30pm - Took a bath!
7:20pm - Her Poppa & Cici came to visit her! She was SO happy to see them! I had a feeling she would prob have an accident while they were here since she would be excited and distracted...I was right. Poor thing.
8:00pm - Cici & I put her down for bed...with a diaper on.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY HAS MADE! I'm so proud of my big girl!!

Stay tuned for day 3...

Potty Training : The 3 Day Method - Day 1

I am about to start the 3 Day Potty Training method with Lindley Belle (age 19.5 months) tomorrow (4/17). I thought I would blog (warning - it's going to be detailed!) about our struggles, progress and all the details in between. One reason I have for blogging in detail about it is for accountability. If I know that I am blogging about this, it will keep me focused. I also know that it's going to be hard and a lot of times, taking notes and journaling thru a hard time helps get you thru that moment and on to the next. When I was scheduling Lindley Belle I wrote down every little detail that happened throughtout the day. It really did help me get thru the day AND it's now been a great resource for other moms who have come to me for help and advise with scheduling their little one.Yes, I'm a BIG advocate for Babywise - I know many moms are not, and I respect their reasons. But I had TONS of success with Babywise mixed with my own intuition as a mother....OK, so scheduling is something I love to discuss...maybe I'll blog about it one day.

Back to potty training...maybe these next few posts can be of encouragement and a source is information for someone....or maybe a source of laughter too, depending on how the next few days go! Ha!

I plan to do 4 separate posts.

1. Day 1
2. Day 2
3. Day 3
4. Recap & Thoughts

My Thoughts on Readiness:

There are lots of opinions out there on the readiness of your toddler. My biggest piece of advise on this subject is this: you know your child better then anyone else. If they are interested in what you do in the bathroom and have started showing signs of understanding when they are going tee-tee & poo-poo, there's a chance they are read. But you are the mommy. Trust your gut feeling.

The Day Before:

Lindley Belle & I went to the store together to pick out her new undies (Belle & Dora!) and reward candy...or as she calls it "nandy!" I also got some juice boxes, (I am usually VERY against juice, but I know she'll love it, and in turn drink a lot which in turn will give me lots of chances to teach), sweetened prunes and a interactive Potty Time with Elmo book. She loves Elmo.

Our downstairs is all wood & tile so I've decided we will just stay downstairs during these days. I've pulled up the rugs and brought down lots of LB's toys & books from her playroom.

Day 1:

8:30am - Lindley Belle had her morning bottle.
8:45 am - Breakfast (sweetened prunes, shredded wheat & blueberries) & Elmo fruit juice.
9:00am - I read the Potty Time with Elmo book to Lindley Belle and took off her diaper & put on her first pair of undies. I let her pick out her undies - she picked Princess Belle.
9:20am - Gave LB another box of juice.
9:45am - First accident. I scooped her up and rushed her to her potty.I stayed calm & loving. Of course she was done by the time I sat her on it. LB was very upset and did not like feeling her tee-tee. I put another pair of undies (this time Dora) on LB and she watched me clean the floor.
10:05am - Second accident. This time LB slipped in it - that really upset her. I did the same routine as with the first accident. She was also very upset about Dora getting "yucky-yucky".
10:20am - Third accident. Same routine as before...
10:35am - She told me "tee-tee" so we ran to the potty and sat for a few min. Nothing.
10:38am - Fourth accident...BUT could have been a potty success had a kept her on the potty longer...to me, this was a small sign of progress.
11:00am - I sat her on the potty and we read a book. FIRST TEE-TEE SUCCESS! Even though she did not tell me ahead of time, she still got her tee-tee in the potty! So we had a big celebration and ate some candy.
11:45am - Lunch time & another juice box.
12:20pm - Fifth accident. Same routine as before.
12:45pm - She told me "poo-poo" so we ran to the potty and sat down.She didn't go poo-poo but we had our SECOND TEE-TEE SUCCESS! We had a big celebration and had some more candy.
1:00pm - I laid LB down for her nap. In a clean pair of undies on top of several beach towels.
2:50pm - She woke up early from her nap because she was wet. (Sixth accident)
3:00pm - She told me "tee-tee" and we ran to the bathroom and she went TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!! We had a VERY big celebration and had some candy! I also gave her some more juice.
3:40pm - Seventh accident. Same routine as before.
3:55pm - TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!!!! I saw this as a big success bc she obviously didn't empty her bladder 15 min earlier and so when she needed to go, she remembered to go in the potty!
From 4:15 - 7:00 things got a little crazy. There was a mix of 3 more accidents and 2 more TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY! We had some dinner and took a bath. Also during this time she told me "poo-poo" several times but would never go on the potty. So....she felt very comfortable during her bath and decided to poo-poo in the tub! I was really upset because she has never done that but I stayed calm and loving towards her.
7:30 - another accident...I've lost count at this point. Ha!
7:45 - I put her to bed...45 min early...haha! She was tired too. It had been a tough day.

Stay tuned for day 2...

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Recently I've learned a new little joy in life. Watching my dear friend's children love on my daughter. I mean, just turns your heart to mush! The other day I had the privilege of snapping a picture at such a moment. Wanted to share it with my few blogger friends!

My daughter has just started walking and these 2 boys belong to one of my dearest friend.