Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pancakes & Pajamas Party!

Lindley Belle turned TWO on August 29th. Better late then never for a blog post right?

 Last year, I went all out to celebrate her 1st birthday. Want to see that blog post? Click here! But this year, I promised my hubby I would "calm" down a little. Ha! For her 2nd birthday party, I settled on the theme of "Pancakes & Pajamas". I had these adorable images in mind of all her little friends running around in their pj's and giggling about eating pancakes together.

And that's exactly what we did!

A couple of weeks before her birthday we sent this invitation out:

Then I went shopping for fabric. Because of course I had to sew her pajamas to match the invitation!

 (I tried 3 times to turn this pic right side up...)

Some of you might be thinking that I was crazy to invite a bunch of toddlers over for pancakes, but I had a fun idea. I set up 2 long tables in my living room and covered them with tablecloths. I made a place setting for each "little" guest that included a plate, fork, napkin and a cup with their name on it. So when it came time to eat, there was no confusion on where to sit! We instructed the kiddos to find their seats and sit...while the mommies made their plates. 

The pancake bar included:
mini pancakes
chocolate chips
sliced strawberries
whipped cream
maple syrup
chocolate syrup

Drink Options:
(for the adults of course!)

We had the most fun celebrating 2 years with our happy little girl!