Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars. They're everywhere right now aren't they? I've totally jumped on the bandwagon. I love them. I love them as drinking jars. Flowers jars. Candy jars (I'm not kidding, I have a mason jar in the bathroom full of candy for my daughter - don't you wish you got candy every time you went to the potty?!)

I have these mason jars that I painted - seriously took no longer then an hour - start to finish. But they always seem to get a lot of attention (more then the curtains I sewed that took several hrs...) when friends and family come over. So, I thought I'd do a quick "how to" for all you to see how simple it is. Sadly, it didn't occur to me to take "during" pictures. Only before and after. My bad.

I bought my jars at Hobby Lobby when glass was 50% off. 

RARELY do I buy full price at Hobby Lobby :)

I have some acrylic paint in my craft stash at home. So I use a green, a blue and some white and whipped up these different turquoise shades.

Then followed these simple steps:
1. Pour a large amount of paint into the jar
2. Roll the jar around in all different directions - watching to make sure the paint makes it's way all the way around and up the sides.
3. Lay newspaper down
4. Pick a side of the jar (doesn't matter where you start) and lay it down 
5. Wait 5 minutes
6. Roll the jar on to another side
7. Repeat steps 5-6 a couples times
8. Turn jar upside down on newspaper to let excess paint drip out
9. Wait 10 min
10. DONE! 

Once they were all dry, I tied some twine (because who doesn't love twine!) around the necks and added a few wild flowers. I wanted the perfect place to put these little babies. 

To make a long story short...

When a recent GAP store was closing, my sweet mom was given some dark wooden boxes. In her exact words she thought "I bet Missy could do something with these!" So she packed them in her car and brought them to me! I love an excuse for a new DIY project. I painted the boxes with non other then the amazing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and hung them in a row above our couch! Insert cute turquoise mason jars...and PRETTY! 

Wait, what is that behind the flowers in the top right picture?...you might ask. Well, our downstairs thermostat was placed smack in the middle of the wall. NOT good for a girl that loves to decorate. BUT, I rose to the challenge. I measured the thermostat and had a square cut that was a little bit bigger. Let me just tell you. I was quite proud of myself when I hung that box!


Candy Jar said...

OMG!! picture is having so much of difference in before and after..I never use to buy that kind of jars because they are so simple but now i will purchase that decorate like same.

thanks a ton for advice :)