Thursday, April 18, 2013

Potty Training : The 3 Day Method - Day 2

Day 2 :

First, I have to "tell" on myself. I put LB to bed last night in undies and had planned on doing some of the overnight ideas that this method encourages you to do. But around 11:30pm I caved and put a diaper on her. I had planned on going in there to put undies back on her before she woke...but that didn't happen. So she woke up in a diaper and I immediately took it off and put her undies on. This method encourages to train day time and night time at the same time...but LB might be a pull-up wearer for her naps and night time for a little bit longer. And I'm ok with that...

8:30am - Lindley Belle had her morning bottle.
8:45am - Breakfast (prunes, blueberries, toast) and lots of juice
9:00am - She finished breakfast on the potty bc she said "tee-tee" but nothing.
10:20am - First accident - BUT as I picked her up to run to the potty, she was able to stop herself and finished on the potty!! I call that a TEE-TEE SUCCESS! She was at first extremely upset with herself but then very proud. I couldn't believe how well she had help it in. By 10:20am the day before, she had already had 3 accidents.
10:30am - I gave her some crackers & more juice.
11:30am - Since it had been over an hour since her last potty, I encouraged her to go to the bathroom with me. She sat on the potty for a few min, acted a little scared but then went TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!! We celebrated and had some candy.
11:45am - Lunch time. More prunes & juice too. She has said "poo-poo" a lot today but has yet to go.
12:30pm - She was asking to go outside to swing & see Jake (our dog) but I knew she prob needed to go potty. I encouraged her to come to the bathroom. She sat on the potty but then started crying and acting really scared. I hugged her and put her back on the potty. Then she went TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!! We celebrated and had some candy. Then I took her outside to swing and see Jake!
1:00pm - I laid her down for her nap in the same undies she had been wearing since 10:30am! During this nap, I ran to Target (Craig was home for lunch) and bought a Elmo toilet seat. Since she has seemed a little scared of the potty seat, I thought she might like to use the real potty.
3:00pm - She woke up early again due to being wet. I should have just put a diaper on her for her nap. I plan to let her sleep in a diaper thru the night tonight.
3:15pm - I waited too long to go get her out of bed and she ended up going poo-poo in her undies. But she kept saying "yucky-yucky" so I'm hoping she understands that's a no-no.
3:45pm - TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY! This was on the real potty using the seat. She LOVED it!
4:15pm - She started "potty training" her beloved teddy bear Wiggins aka "nigh-nigh"
4:50pm - She told me "poo-poo" but then as we walked to the bathroom she turned around and said "no" so I didn't take her....I should have though bc she ended up having a tee-tee accident. First one since 10:20am!
5:35pm - TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!!!!! She really got into the celebration this time. It's clicking!!
6:00pm - Dinner time
6:15pm - Accident during dinner. Poor girl takes her eating very seriously :)
6:30pm - Took a bath!
7:20pm - Her Poppa & Cici came to visit her! She was SO happy to see them! I had a feeling she would prob have an accident while they were here since she would be excited and distracted...I was right. Poor thing.
8:00pm - Cici & I put her down for bed...with a diaper on.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY HAS MADE! I'm so proud of my big girl!!

Stay tuned for day 3...