Thursday, April 18, 2013

Potty Training : The 3 Day Method - Day 1

I am about to start the 3 Day Potty Training method with Lindley Belle (age 19.5 months) tomorrow (4/17). I thought I would blog (warning - it's going to be detailed!) about our struggles, progress and all the details in between. One reason I have for blogging in detail about it is for accountability. If I know that I am blogging about this, it will keep me focused. I also know that it's going to be hard and a lot of times, taking notes and journaling thru a hard time helps get you thru that moment and on to the next. When I was scheduling Lindley Belle I wrote down every little detail that happened throughtout the day. It really did help me get thru the day AND it's now been a great resource for other moms who have come to me for help and advise with scheduling their little one.Yes, I'm a BIG advocate for Babywise - I know many moms are not, and I respect their reasons. But I had TONS of success with Babywise mixed with my own intuition as a mother....OK, so scheduling is something I love to discuss...maybe I'll blog about it one day.

Back to potty training...maybe these next few posts can be of encouragement and a source is information for someone....or maybe a source of laughter too, depending on how the next few days go! Ha!

I plan to do 4 separate posts.

1. Day 1
2. Day 2
3. Day 3
4. Recap & Thoughts

My Thoughts on Readiness:

There are lots of opinions out there on the readiness of your toddler. My biggest piece of advise on this subject is this: you know your child better then anyone else. If they are interested in what you do in the bathroom and have started showing signs of understanding when they are going tee-tee & poo-poo, there's a chance they are read. But you are the mommy. Trust your gut feeling.

The Day Before:

Lindley Belle & I went to the store together to pick out her new undies (Belle & Dora!) and reward candy...or as she calls it "nandy!" I also got some juice boxes, (I am usually VERY against juice, but I know she'll love it, and in turn drink a lot which in turn will give me lots of chances to teach), sweetened prunes and a interactive Potty Time with Elmo book. She loves Elmo.

Our downstairs is all wood & tile so I've decided we will just stay downstairs during these days. I've pulled up the rugs and brought down lots of LB's toys & books from her playroom.

Day 1:

8:30am - Lindley Belle had her morning bottle.
8:45 am - Breakfast (sweetened prunes, shredded wheat & blueberries) & Elmo fruit juice.
9:00am - I read the Potty Time with Elmo book to Lindley Belle and took off her diaper & put on her first pair of undies. I let her pick out her undies - she picked Princess Belle.
9:20am - Gave LB another box of juice.
9:45am - First accident. I scooped her up and rushed her to her potty.I stayed calm & loving. Of course she was done by the time I sat her on it. LB was very upset and did not like feeling her tee-tee. I put another pair of undies (this time Dora) on LB and she watched me clean the floor.
10:05am - Second accident. This time LB slipped in it - that really upset her. I did the same routine as with the first accident. She was also very upset about Dora getting "yucky-yucky".
10:20am - Third accident. Same routine as before...
10:35am - She told me "tee-tee" so we ran to the potty and sat for a few min. Nothing.
10:38am - Fourth accident...BUT could have been a potty success had a kept her on the potty me, this was a small sign of progress.
11:00am - I sat her on the potty and we read a book. FIRST TEE-TEE SUCCESS! Even though she did not tell me ahead of time, she still got her tee-tee in the potty! So we had a big celebration and ate some candy.
11:45am - Lunch time & another juice box.
12:20pm - Fifth accident. Same routine as before.
12:45pm - She told me "poo-poo" so we ran to the potty and sat down.She didn't go poo-poo but we had our SECOND TEE-TEE SUCCESS! We had a big celebration and had some more candy.
1:00pm - I laid LB down for her nap. In a clean pair of undies on top of several beach towels.
2:50pm - She woke up early from her nap because she was wet. (Sixth accident)
3:00pm - She told me "tee-tee" and we ran to the bathroom and she went TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!! We had a VERY big celebration and had some candy! I also gave her some more juice.
3:40pm - Seventh accident. Same routine as before.
3:55pm - TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY!!!! I saw this as a big success bc she obviously didn't empty her bladder 15 min earlier and so when she needed to go, she remembered to go in the potty!
From 4:15 - 7:00 things got a little crazy. There was a mix of 3 more accidents and 2 more TEE-TEE IN THE POTTY! We had some dinner and took a bath. Also during this time she told me "poo-poo" several times but would never go on the potty. So....she felt very comfortable during her bath and decided to poo-poo in the tub! I was really upset because she has never done that but I stayed calm and loving towards her.
7:30 - another accident...I've lost count at this point. Ha!
7:45 - I put her to bed...45 min early...haha! She was tired too. It had been a tough day.

Stay tuned for day 2...