Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bieber Fever!

So my daughter has caught the fever....the Bieber fever that is....

For your viewing enjoyment!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Real Life Raggedy Ann!

Oh my goodness y'all, I signed in to start this post and looked at the date of my last post...WOW! I knew Oct was a busy month but yikes, didn't know it was so busy I didn't even post. 

What were you doing? you might ask.

1. I hosted TWO meal making parties!
2. I hosted a super fun formal dinner baby shower for me sweet friend!
3. My mom, Lindley Belle & I went out of town for a cousin's wedding!
4. I started working part-time at The GAP!
5. Attended a couple different "fall" gatherings!

Whew...perhaps at some point I'll actually post about some of those. HA! But for today, I just wanted to brag about my little Lindley Belle...I know, shocking right. 

Last night, my sweet little girl transformed into my real life Raggedy Ann doll! I had the MOST fun putting this costume together. 

~ The blue dress was an old dress of mine when I was her age.

~ The white "apron" was a dress from the summer. I cut a large piece off the bottom and hemmed it. 

~ Then I sewed on the red rick-rack all the way around.

~ I made this red bows with some random ribbon I had at home and attached them.

~ The wig is made out of some super cheapy yarn I got at Hobby Lobby and an old crocheted hat that she never wears. Attaching the yarn to the hat was prob the longest process of all, but I'm so glad I stuck with it because it really "made" the costume!

~ You can't see in this pic but the white lace bloomers she's wearing are an old pair of mine from when I was her age.

~ I am sad to say that the leggins are store bought. I was on a mission to find women's knee high sock and sew my own pair of baby legs (which is what I normally do...so easy and so much cheaper!) But I searched the city for knee high socks in that print and none where to be found. So her leggings in this picture are from My Little Legs.

~ I added a little face paint and DONE!

Trick or treating with her last night was a blast. At the first few houses she was very confused but eventually she got the idea. She would smile, wave "Hi" and "Bye" and even say "Thank you" after she reached into a bowl and grabbed her loot! Her Poppa (my dad) said that she stole Halloween!

 Here is a little video of my real live rag doll!