Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all

As most of you know, I have a love hate relationship with summer time. I love all the cliche things about summer. No school for my hubby, the beach, longer days, cute clothes, cookouts, bright colors. You know the rest. But I hate, absolutely despise heat. I fall apart when I get too hot. Seriously. My sweet husband loves to cuddle and he has learned the hard way...hand off when momma is hot! Poor guy. All this to say, I'm super excited about this fall weather. The fact that I can walk to the mailbox, get the mail and walk back up to the house...and NOT want to punch someone in the face because the heat fairy has taken over...well it's like a miracle!

In honor of being able to stand outside for longer then 5 min, I wanted to make my first (of many) fall decor pieces. I usually get a little crafty when I find myself in a quiet house. Last night, Lindley Belle went to sleep at 8pm but my hubby didn't get home from a meeting till 10pm. 

So this was the result of my 2 hour "time to myself"!

More fall decorations to come. Yippee!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oh Happy Pink Day

Lindley Belle turned the big ONE year old a few weeks ago. My previous post, 365 Days talked about my hearts deepest celebration on that day.


We of course had to have a little celebration for the 1 year anniversary of the birth of our little pink baby! I had the greatest time making each individual invitation, crafting the decor, planning the favors...and all the other things that goes onto planning a party for a little person!!...who doesn't even know it's their birthday.  Almost everything was hand made at was so fun! Everyone has been asking when I would post a "party decor" post. So here you go blog world!

The food & cupcake table:

I made the cupcakes from scratch!

The drink station: orange-peach tea, water AND peach fizzy sangria! Served in mason jars with pink & grey paper straws.

This was Lindley Belle's "thrown for the party:

Singing "happy birthday" to our big girl!

We had a candy bar set up in the dining room:

The next few pics are not as pretty...they were taken with my phone, but I wanted y'all to see these too. 

This is a display of pictures from the hospital the day Lindley Belle was born. It was so sweet because almost everyone in these pictures, attended the party. It was a neat way to see the loyalty and love our friends and family have for our little Peapod (as her Poppa has lovingly called her since the day she was born!)

This is the invitation for the party. I handmade each one of them - it was so fun. With each one I got more and more excited!

This was 1 of the 2 outfits I made for Lindley Belle:

It's Was All So Easy

The "Backdrops" : tissue streamers pined to the ceiling with clear push pins. Twisted all the way down and secured to the floor with a little piece if double sided tape. Pin bed sheets behind the streamers so that you can't see thru. It really completed the back drop feel that I wanted. TIP - twist every other streamer in a different direction to get that "zig zag" effect.

Tissue Pom-Poms : SO simple and adds the perfect pop! I hung them at different heights with twine. Who doesn't love twine??  Instead of trying to explain it here, just go to this's where I learned how to do it. Or just search "tissue pom pom" on pinterest.

Banners : I cut circles out of brown paper, then cut out letters (just a little smaller then the circles) that spelled out the messages I wanted. I used scrapbook take to secure the letters to the circles. Then using a hole punch, I made 2 holes at the top of each circle then thread twine thru the holes for hanging!

Tables : I used pink and lace tablecloths to give the party a simple vintage feel.

Candy Bar : I got an assortment of (mostly pink) candy, some vintage & some modern from all sorts of places. Fresh Market, Walgreens, Dollar Store and even a gas station! I mix and matched them in random glass bowls, cups pitchers. I thought the glass helped bring a "dainty" feel to it. 

There were also little pink paper bags that I  stamped "Thank You" on them so our guests could take home as much candy as they wanted!
The candy bar had:
pink lickerish twists
pink jelly beans
pink & white gumballs
pink sour patch kids
peanut butter bars
pixy stix

Drink Station : Orange - Peach Tea was simple to do. I made Crystal Light peach tea the night before and added slices of oranges to soak throughout the night. It was yummy. The Pink Fizzy Sangria was the perfect little pink cocktail! It's 2 bottle of pink zinfandel, 2 can of frozen pink lemonade and 1 bottle of 7-up. The mason jars were bought at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off so I got 30 for less then 30 bucks! The cute paper straws were found at Micheal's in the wedding section. And lastly, those cute drink dispensers were found at Target in the clearance section! $3.59 each!

Lindley Belle's Outfits : I really wanted to make the clothes she would wear for her I did! The Tutu Outfit - First, I made a simple tulle tutu and added some fabric to it to match the fabric on the shirt and her headband. For the shirt, I tea stained one of her white tank tops. I wanted the teas stain effect to add a vintage feel. The, I cute out an O N E out of fabric and did a little applique to the shirt. I took that same fabric, made 2 rosettes (1 small and 1 big), glued them to twine and made a matching headband! The Pillow Case Dress : I already showed you guys this dress in my previous post, Sew What?. And if you are obsessed with detail, like I am, you can see that the ruffle on this dress is the same fabric on the other dress. I love little details like that!

 Our sweet Lindley Belle LOVES to wave. I'm so grateful we got this perfect family pic!

 Let me know if you have any questions about anything you see!
 I'm happy to help you plan your fun and CHEAP (homemade is always cheaper!) party!