Thursday, August 23, 2012

I introduce to you : His Stirrings

Wow! I have not posted in 3's been busy. But I'll get to that at another time. I'm more excited about this post then telling you about my recent home craft anyway!

One of my dearest friends has started a blog and I'm beside myself excited about it.

She describes the blog as:

"a collection of stories, juxtaposing the holy and the mundane.  It is a journal of the way God stirs in my thoughts and in my soul as I go about my normal, messy life."

You might be thinking, "well of course you're excited, it's your friends blog!". And you would be right if you're thinking that. Because yes, I'm pumped about her entering the blog world. But my excitement for this blog goes way beyond "Yay, one of my best friend has a blog!" Here are just a few reasons YOU should also be pumped about her blog.

1. She has one of those relationships with the Lord that is contagious. You know those people who you meet and you think to yourself, "wow, they love Jesus so much I wish I could be like them". Well that's not what you think when you meet my friend. When you meet her, you think "wow, her faith is so genuine and she reflects Christ's love so much that she makes me want to be more like JESUS". There is a big difference between a person making you feel like you want to be more like THEM and a person who makes you want to be more like Jesus. She makes you want to be more like Jesus. 

2. She is wise beyond her years. Period. Can I get an AMEN!?!

3. Christ has worked thru her to impact so many people (me being one of those!) and you do NOT want to miss out on the incredible opportunity to be blessed by Him thru her sweet heart. I see him directing her into this blog world and I'm thrilled at the chance He is bringing to so many lives thru her blog. 

There are 3 reasons why you should follow this link to her blog. Her desire for this blog is that you visit and leave with a stir in your heart to know Jesus more deeply.

Here we are on my wedding day 3 years ago. She was my Matron of Honor. 
It's my pleasure to introduce you to her thru her blog!