Tuesday, July 10, 2012

what is a meal making party?

I get that question a lot these days. So I thought I would finally do a detailed post about my monthly Tastefully Simple meal making parties!And of course no post would be complete without lots of Instgram pics :)

First. What is Tastefully Simple? Well, instead of typing out all the info.
Just go here -----> My Tastefully Simple Site

At one of my meal making parties you come with an empty cooler (laundry basket, empty box...), do very minimal work (and a little $ of course!) for less then an hour and leave with your cooler (or other form of carrying food) full of 8 meals to feed a family of 4! All meals are freezable! And all 8 meals are made with Tastefully Simple products and recipes.

Basically I do all the work and you do all the eating. I come up with the menu, I make the grocery list, I go do all the shopping, I do all the kitchen prep work, and organize stations all around my kitchen and dining room.

Lets have a little play-by-play with some pictures!

When you arrive you will see this stations set up with product, gloves, some utensils and simple to follow instructions...you pick ONE station and stay there the whole time.

I then bring you the meat that matches your station. It has already been cleaned and separated into freezable zip lock bags. You simply follow the directions for each bag of meat. (The number of bags depends on how many people have signed up for meals that month).

So what do you do after that? Well, when you first arrived you set your cooler under a check list randomly taped all around my living room. So after you finish making your set of meals, you go deposit one info each cooler and check it off the list!

So eventually it looks like this:

After everyone is done, we enjoy a little Tastefully Simple treat while I give a few instructions but most importantly I give out FREE FOOD to the monthly incentive winners! Tonight we had our warm artichoke & spinach dip :)

Then...1 hour after you got there...you leave with a smile and 8 meals!

Knowing that I help other wives and moms provide and care for their family while saving them time in the kitchen is such a blessing. I def do a lot of hard work towards this each month, but it's SO worth it. I love love love this job!

I would love to serve you and your family this way. If you are in the Memphis area and would like to be added to my email list, let me know!


~Christy said...

What a great idea! Wish I lived there to meal plan with you! But what really caught my eye was the cock-eyed Roman shade. ;)

Amanda said...

Such a simple idea, but with great impact. I definitely want to host one of these some day--thanks for the post!