Friday, July 13, 2012

Insta-Friday...err Month!

So I dropped the ball on my Insta-Fridays over the last few weeks. What to do? What to do? Overload my poor followers with more pictures then they need? YES! :) Enjoy!

Lindley Belle has started this pattern of sucking her thumb and cuddling right after she nurses.
 I'm in love. Period.

Housewarming gift from our friend Blair :) It was yummy!

I'm loving the international grocery store just 10 min away. I love being Japanese with blond hair. 

Drew & Caleb came over for dinner (with their mommy & daddy of course). They had their own style of swinging. 

Dancing with daddy after breakfast.

Lindley Belle loves Jake. Jake loves Lindley Belle.

Sweet baby girl. At the doctor. The beginning of many doctors visits. What am I talking about?
Read about that over at this post. 

 Craig's first Father's Day
Cinnamon Rolls, homemade banner, gift from Lindley Belle and daddy's nightly blessing reading.

My view from the kitchen window as I cleaned up after dinner one night. Sweet!

Lindley Belle learns to share a puff with Molly. That's her Nana & Pappy's dog.

Emma (our sweet niece in town from Costa Rica!) feeding Lindley Belle her dinner. Presh!

Because why wouldn't you need to be patriotic while eating breakfast??

Yet, another doctors appointment...
But boy she loves that paper!

Headed out for our 3rd Anniversary date downtown!

We had a 10 hour car ride to the beach. Thank God for Uncle Nathan in the back seat! Free entertainment for Lindley Belle.

Isaiah (our fun loving nephew, whose daddy is on deployment) feeding Lindley Belle breakfast on vacation to the beach. Then a little morning card game with Poppa!

My little beach bum.

Happy 4th of July!

We got to skype with my older brother on the 4th. He's on a very long deployment right now.

My sweet momma and my sweet baby. Priceless.

Trying to get a decent "cousins" pic before heading to watch fireworks. 

Somebody had to do a little skinny dipping/momma wasn't expecting a major blow out!

The morning we left the beach, we (just the 3 of us) took a little detour along 30-A and stopped at this funky little place for breakfast. The website leaves something to the imagination but you'll get it.

What road trip wouldn't be complete without a stage 5 blowout! We ran out of wipes and I had to use these shady gas station wipes. Daddy had to clean clothes in a bucket! We just had to laugh!

Just returned from Costco, gearing up for my July meal making party!

Our sweet friend Evan came to visit from Nashville.

Lindley Belle is learning to get where she wants to go. Looks like I'll be replacing those pots and pans with tupperware!

My daughter has already entered the generation of "taking pictures of myself and then posting them". Ok, so I actually posted it...but SHE took this presh self photo!

We spent the day at the zoo with my friend Jessica and her 2 daughters. We had a blast! Lindley Belle got to feed a giraffe and touch a bird!

Last but NOT least, last night I drove down to Oxford (where we used to live) to surprise my dear friend Amy on her 30th birthday! I miss Oxford so much and it was so wonderful to see her!


Amanda said...

she is just the cutest thing ever, looks just like you! and I love her name :) so unique and precious. New follower here :) looking forward to getting to know you better!
Happy Weekend. XO