Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY monogram hanging

The key to actually doing a craft right after you pin it on Pinterest? Already having the needed supplies at home! I can honestly say that is the only reason I made this within the same hour that I pinned it! Ha. It would be bad if I lived in Hobby Lobby. I would be a hoarder of crafts.

large letter
got glue gun

(glue gun was already plugged in when I took this pic)

1. Attach the end of the twine with hot glue to the back of the letter.
2. Wrap, glue, wrap, glue, wrap, glue, wrap, glue....you get the idea.
3. Make a flower with your fabric (see this post to learn how!)
4. Attach your flower using hot glue. 
5. DONE!

A few hours later I decided to add a little greenery. Still not sure what I think about it.
 But, I'll just cut them off it it bothers to too bad!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY Lamp Shade

When Craig and I got married I got these "oh those will work for now" lamps from Target. Don't get me wrong. I love Target. I did not love these lamps. I likes the price. Well, 3 years later I decided instead of getting rid of them, I would try to bring in a whole new look. 

**this lamp stand was originally black. I painted it with chalk paint
But I'll do another post about my love for chalk paint at another time!

So here is what I did:

Sadly, I was not wise enough to take step by step pics. Sorry.

 (duh - it's all the rage)
(side note - you will find scraps of fabric tucked away in almost every drawer in my home. I can't get enough. Plus I always use my samples pieces the fabric store gives you for something.)
hot glue gun

1. Wrap burlap around lamp shade. 
(At least, that was my original plan. The whole "wrapping" process did not end up how I had planned so it turned into cutting 2 inch strips and wrapping those all around, using hot glue to keep them in place. Turns out I like the look of multiple strips better then one uniform piece anyways.)

2. Cut a long strip of your fabric.
(length and width will depend on how big you want your flower)
Now instead of going into detail about how to make a fabric flower, there are SO many links out there that give great step by step instructions. So here ya go.

3. Do the similar above steps with your twine.

4. Hot glue the mini twine flower to your large fabric flower.

5. Wrap your twine around the shade.
3-6 times based about how thick you want it. Hold it in place with a dab of hot glue. You might want to get an idea of where you want your flower first, so you know what level to wrap your twine at. 

6. Hot glue flower to lamp shade.


Monday, July 23, 2012

missy daniel photography

I have finally made a separate blog for my photography! Nothing fancy just simple and to the point. I just opened it last night so there are only 2 "sneak peak" shots from a session I had yesterday with an awesome local band. All my other photos can be found on my Facebook page, but I plan to pull over several of my past favorites to the blog as well. So come back soon to see some of my past work but of course keep visiting to see new work as it comes in!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Insta-Friday...err Month!

So I dropped the ball on my Insta-Fridays over the last few weeks. What to do? What to do? Overload my poor followers with more pictures then they need? YES! :) Enjoy!

Lindley Belle has started this pattern of sucking her thumb and cuddling right after she nurses.
 I'm in love. Period.

Housewarming gift from our friend Blair :) It was yummy!

I'm loving the international grocery store just 10 min away. I love being Japanese with blond hair. 

Drew & Caleb came over for dinner (with their mommy & daddy of course). They had their own style of swinging. 

Dancing with daddy after breakfast.

Lindley Belle loves Jake. Jake loves Lindley Belle.

Sweet baby girl. At the doctor. The beginning of many doctors visits. What am I talking about?
Read about that over at this post. 

 Craig's first Father's Day
Cinnamon Rolls, homemade banner, gift from Lindley Belle and daddy's nightly blessing reading.

My view from the kitchen window as I cleaned up after dinner one night. Sweet!

Lindley Belle learns to share a puff with Molly. That's her Nana & Pappy's dog.

Emma (our sweet niece in town from Costa Rica!) feeding Lindley Belle her dinner. Presh!

Because why wouldn't you need to be patriotic while eating breakfast??

Yet, another doctors appointment...
But boy she loves that paper!

Headed out for our 3rd Anniversary date downtown!

We had a 10 hour car ride to the beach. Thank God for Uncle Nathan in the back seat! Free entertainment for Lindley Belle.

Isaiah (our fun loving nephew, whose daddy is on deployment) feeding Lindley Belle breakfast on vacation to the beach. Then a little morning card game with Poppa!

My little beach bum.

Happy 4th of July!

We got to skype with my older brother on the 4th. He's on a very long deployment right now.

My sweet momma and my sweet baby. Priceless.

Trying to get a decent "cousins" pic before heading to watch fireworks. 

Somebody had to do a little skinny dipping/momma wasn't expecting a major blow out!

The morning we left the beach, we (just the 3 of us) took a little detour along 30-A and stopped at this funky little place for breakfast. The website leaves something to the imagination but you'll get it.

What road trip wouldn't be complete without a stage 5 blowout! We ran out of wipes and I had to use these shady gas station wipes. Daddy had to clean clothes in a bucket! We just had to laugh!

Just returned from Costco, gearing up for my July meal making party!

Our sweet friend Evan came to visit from Nashville.

Lindley Belle is learning to get where she wants to go. Looks like I'll be replacing those pots and pans with tupperware!

My daughter has already entered the generation of "taking pictures of myself and then posting them". Ok, so I actually posted it...but SHE took this presh self photo!

We spent the day at the zoo with my friend Jessica and her 2 daughters. We had a blast! Lindley Belle got to feed a giraffe and touch a bird!

Last but NOT least, last night I drove down to Oxford (where we used to live) to surprise my dear friend Amy on her 30th birthday! I miss Oxford so much and it was so wonderful to see her!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

what is a meal making party?

I get that question a lot these days. So I thought I would finally do a detailed post about my monthly Tastefully Simple meal making parties!And of course no post would be complete without lots of Instgram pics :)

First. What is Tastefully Simple? Well, instead of typing out all the info.
Just go here -----> My Tastefully Simple Site

At one of my meal making parties you come with an empty cooler (laundry basket, empty box...), do very minimal work (and a little $ of course!) for less then an hour and leave with your cooler (or other form of carrying food) full of 8 meals to feed a family of 4! All meals are freezable! And all 8 meals are made with Tastefully Simple products and recipes.

Basically I do all the work and you do all the eating. I come up with the menu, I make the grocery list, I go do all the shopping, I do all the kitchen prep work, and organize stations all around my kitchen and dining room.

Lets have a little play-by-play with some pictures!

When you arrive you will see this stations set up with product, gloves, some utensils and simple to follow instructions...you pick ONE station and stay there the whole time.

I then bring you the meat that matches your station. It has already been cleaned and separated into freezable zip lock bags. You simply follow the directions for each bag of meat. (The number of bags depends on how many people have signed up for meals that month).

So what do you do after that? Well, when you first arrived you set your cooler under a check list randomly taped all around my living room. So after you finish making your set of meals, you go deposit one info each cooler and check it off the list!

So eventually it looks like this:

After everyone is done, we enjoy a little Tastefully Simple treat while I give a few instructions but most importantly I give out FREE FOOD to the monthly incentive winners! Tonight we had our warm artichoke & spinach dip :)

Then...1 hour after you got there...you leave with a smile and 8 meals!

Knowing that I help other wives and moms provide and care for their family while saving them time in the kitchen is such a blessing. I def do a lot of hard work towards this each month, but it's SO worth it. I love love love this job!

I would love to serve you and your family this way. If you are in the Memphis area and would like to be added to my email list, let me know!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Anniverary!

Wednesday, June 27th was our 3rd anniversary! We celebrated by going on one of our "downtown dates"! We always say that we fell in love in downtown Memphis and , MS - where we spent most of our time while dating. Lindley Belle got to spend the night with my parents (Cici & Poppa!) so her daddy and mommy could stay out late....we were home and in bed by 11:30pm...lame.
 It was the best we could do :)

My sweet momma snapped a picture of us when we dropped off Lindley Belle for her sleepover :)
June 27, 2009 and June 27, 2012
 First, we went to dinner at Bluefin.
We love sushi (I grew up in Japan so eating sushi is as natural to me as breathing...and I've got my hubby hooked too) and Bluefin has some of the best sushi in the city. We got there just in time for happy hour so it was 2for1 hot sake. So that was a no brainer. We got peach flavored - yum!

After dinner we walked over to Beale and ended up at Silky O'Sullivan's. 
It was pretty warm outside but there was a trio playing on the patio so  we dealt with the heat! (For those who know me well you know how big of a deal that it!!) We ordered some drinks and a dessert and enjoyed some live music for a little bit. We are suckers for live music on a hot summer night :) 

We were about to head back to the car when Craig suggested we stop by The Westin (the hotel downtown where we staying on our wedding night). We walked around the lobby and then as we were about to leave, we mentioned it could be fun to see out old room. My super persuasive husband walked right up to the front desk and in minutes he was calling me over. The girl at the front desk took us right up to Rm 913! I was SO pumped!! 

One of my favorite things about our room was the bath tub. I am in LOVE with taking baths. I even had Craig take a picture of me in that bath tub WITH my wedding dress on! So of course, I made him take another picture of me with the bath tub! Haha!

In our 3 years of marriage, we have:
- Lived in 3 different cities
- Moved 4 times
- Craig has had 3 different jobs
- Battled infertility
- Got a puppy
- Had a baby!

We are so grateful for our sweet little life and family God has blessed us with!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why I'm Behind On Posts

Hi sweet followers! I'm SUPER behind on posts and have no fear - tons of Insta-Fridays & Tastefully Simple recipes coming your way! Oh and that 30with30 Challenge??? Yea...might be a fail :( But first, I need to unload about what my week looked like.

Two weeks ago I noticed an odd bump under Lindley Belle's upper lip. Then that night she ran a 102 fever. Took her to the dr and he said it looked like a staph infection. Gave her a 10 day antibiotic and called it a day. Well, 10 days later, the meds were gone but the bump was bigger. Back to the pediatrician's we went.

Long story short: after driving all over town and sitting in multiple doctors offices (general surgeons, oral surgeons, plastic surgeons) over the course of 3 days, this is the conclusion we have come to:

1. Its a cyst/mass that has been there since birth, growing as she grows.
2. She will have surgery (yes, my 10 month old is having plastic surgery!) on July 18 to have it removed.
3. They will biopsy BUT assure us it looks benign.

I'm trying to stay calm. I'm trying not to be nervous. Praying for peace. Praying comfort.

Our Lindley Belle is the happiest little thing. I feel so bad for her :( That's all I can post for now bc I'm doing this from my phone sitting on the beach! We arrived yesterday for a week long family vacation. Sweet time to rest in the Lord after a crazy week.

I'm not sure if the pic I just took from my phone will show up but if it does, that's my view as I type this :)