Tuesday, June 12, 2012

new name : new look : same heart

I've been doing some redesigning! Hope you like the new look. But I'm most excited about my new name. I've thought a lot about the name over the last couple weeks.

What describes me?
What kind of stuff do I blog about?
What impression do I want to make?

By the end of the day yesterday I was pretty close to just renaming it "my life" because I had lost all creative thought. But "my life" is actually what lead me to "From This Side of Heaven.

Because this is my life...from this side of heaven, of course.

I am bound for the promise land. HALLELUJAH!




Doodle Bugs said...

:o) love your new look.. and your name is fabulous! I have been making over my blogs this week too! It's so time consuming because I am too picky!

ha! ha!

:o) kacey
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