Friday, June 1, 2012

Insta Friday!

I'm back from vacation! 

And today I'm linking up for another Insta Friday

life rearranged

Lindley Belle moved up to a "big girl" carseat due to doctor's order! 
She's 24 lbs and her infant car seat maxed out at 25lbs!

We spent some time with my dearest friend Betsy and her sweet boys! Betsy is pregnant with baby # 3 and we are so thrilled for LB to have another Bryant friend!

The next few pics are from our little trip to Hot Springs! Lindley Belle had lots of "firsts" on this trip!!

First time in the pool
First time in the lake
First time on a boat

 (Craig's dad used to carry him in this same back pack! Cool huh??)

Our little Hot Springs National Park Ranger :)

Lindley Belle turned 9 MONTHS on Wednesday!!!

The morning after we returned from Hot Springs, I opened my computer to find this! I was so sad. Still so sad. I bought that computer while still in college. I was so proud of myself. The guy at the Apple store called it an antique...haha! I have to get a new computer now...
How am I posting this blog post you ask?? My husband is out of school for the summer (can I get a WOOHOO!!!!!!!!) and so I'm using his work computer. 

Lindley Belle and Jake are the best of friends. He's the perfect babysitter :) Seriously, he is so protective of her. The other day I was tickling her and he growled at me cause he thought I was hurting her. He has NEVER growled at me before. Sweet puppy loves his little sister!

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life rearranged