Tuesday, June 19, 2012

30 with thirty OH BABY!

I mentioned a few days ago that I was starting a wardrobe challenge with some fellow bloggers:


The idea is to pick 30 item from your closet and try to make 30 different outfits with them! 

Anyone ever said this?? 
"Oh, I don't fit in those clothes anymore and I've kept them around for years thinking I'll eventually fit in to to them again but it's time to move on...so out they go!"

Yea, well, before I got pregnant I was fed up with this section of my closet I respectfully called the "I really want to fit into that again" section. So I got rid of that large section...I gave a lot of them away to Goodwill and I'm pretty sure that still didn't make me feel better about not fitting into them anymore. Boo. 

Ok, long story short....
1. I got pregnant
2. I only gain 24 lbs the whole pregnancy
3. I become an avid nursing mother
4. I loose 55 lbs!!!

And guess what??? I need all those clothes back! I am very passionate about giving away what you have and don't need BUT can I please tell you how many times I've gone to my close very excited to put on that fabulous dress, or perfect pair of jeans...only to be reminded I gave them away. Boo. But hopefully someone is getting great use out of those fabulous clothes!  
 ALL that to say...it was pretty tricky to even find 30 things that fit me correctly. But here we go!

What's the deal with the "oh baby" in the title of this post?? I'm bringing a little twist to this wardrobe challenge....and also doing it with my 9 month old Lindley Belle!! I have just as much (if not more) fun dressing her as I do myself so WHY would I not include her in this??

First. Here are the items I've chosen for myself:
(I'm sure those of you who know me so well are shocked by the lack of pink. A lot of of pink stuff don't fit anymore...sad. I know)

And here are the items Lindley Belle helped me choose for her:

Lindley Belle is napping right now but when she wakes up I'll get a pic of our outfits from today. 
Check back tonight!! Stay tuned!!

I want to leave you with this. I took Lindley Belle outside to test the timer on my camera.

My beloved Canon 20D is getting old and is slowly begging to be replaced. I snaped a couple shots. And I wanted to show you all the "normal" attire around here. This stay at home mommy and her little one dress like this a large part of the time! 

A "real outfit"only appears when we step out on the town!

Our sweet Jake has a jumping problem (he's only 18 months old) and he LOVES Lindley Belle!