Friday, May 18, 2012


Today I'm "linking-up" with a fellow blogger for Insta-Friday! Woohoo!

life rearranged

Ok, so this was technically taken on Sat night but I had to share! Lindley Belle painted her Cici's & Nana's Mother's Day cards this year. As you can see, it was so fun. She was pretty upset when we took her off the table. Cici & Nana LOVED their Lindley Belle originals!

Mother's Day morning! Lindley Belle is wearing my baby dress.
So thankful my mom kept my old dresses!

3 generations of ladies on Mother's Day. We went out to dinner that evening to see my younger brother where he waits table. Poor guy had to work a 12 hour shift that day. 

Running out the door I remembered I needed to go to the store. 
So with baby on hip, I grabbed my phone and took a picture of my list on the fridge.

My Tastefully Simple May meal making party! I'll post more about meal making parties later.

This is Lindley Belle's new best friend. Do you have a teething little one?
Every heard of chew beads?? Check them out here! I've totally got Lindley Belle fooled :)

I made another wreath. This one went to one of my mom's friends from Gap!

So I follow The Small Things Blog and she talks about this uplifting foam ALL the time so I went on a search to find it! Harder then you think. It's only sold in private salons. And out of all the salons in the entire city of Memphis, only ONE salon sells it! I'm super pumped about trying it.

Craig and I got new glasses!! I'm super excited about mine :) We got TWO pairs of glasses for $25! How did we do that you ask? Check out this site.

Lindley Belle had her 9 month check up this week. Wait what?? Did I just say 9 month? Whoa. I saw a sweet pregnant friend yesterday and told her "I always hated when I was pregnant and people would tell me that it goes by so fast, so I won't tell you that...but...." 
She past her check up with flying colors. DUH. Look at her! Hehe :)

I took a few other pics this week BUT they are being saved for a big reveal day :) Stay tuned!!

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Victoria said...

Popping over from your July sponsor spot on Lauren's blog (from my grey desk)....Cute blog! As you can tell, I have been going back to older posts.

So, how did you like the aquage? I love Kate's hair - did you get the results she does?

I want to hear anon-professional's view before I put in the work of tracking some down.

I have quite a bit of hair...lbut it is fine, straight, and pretty long (the longest layer comes to the bottomof my shoulder blades).

Missy L. Daniel said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I have loved the aquage!! I have similar texture hair as Kate. Thin but a lot of it. It took me several times to figure out how much I needed to use. Kate is right, for thin hair, you have to use A LOT! But I'm getting great volume and texture. It's gives great texture for styling which Im appreciating! Hope that helps!