Thursday, May 3, 2012

The 8 Month Switch

Lindley Belle turned 8 months old on Sunday. I feel like I have been saying "this is my favorite stage" every month since she was born. I think that's a wonderful thing and I hope I continue to say that every month. In the last month she crossed over from looking at me with "are you my mother?" eyes to "you are my mother!" smiles. Her smiles are reminders to me that my role as her mother has started to set up shop in her little heart and I am overwhelemed by the responsibility that comes with that. I think about my own mother every time Lindley Belle smiles at me. I think about how my heart is so full of imprints my mother has left in my life, and that encourages me to focus on the big picture for Lindley Belle. I want to serve my daughter with her future in mind. I of course want to stop and enjoy the daily little moments with her as well, (she has just started to hug me really tight - it's the BEST!) but my role as her mother is so much bigger then just a daily hug. BUT even more importantly, Lindley Belle's smiles that let me know my role in her life reminds me that she is watching everything I do, including the role I play as her daddy's help mate. That role is what really overwhelms me. Lindley Belle is watching how I treat her daddy. She loves her daddy and she needs to see that I respect him, love on him, protect him and honor him. When Craig comes home from work, Lindley Belle smiles and giggles with pure joy to have him home. Everyday I watch her do that and I think "wow, that is how I should greet him too!". I want her to see me smile and giggle with pure joy because my husband has come home! As my first Mother's Day approches, I want to stay focused on mothering with a future goal. I want to stay focused on Lindley Belle watching me love her daddy the way he deserves. 

This is my favorite "are you my mother?" look:

This is my new favorite "you are my mother!" look: