Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fundraisers : Avery Downing

During the entire month of March, I will be hosting two fundraisers for Avery Downing, a sweet local gymnast who was paralyzed in January while practicing her award winning routine. Our good friends are her youth directors at Grace Evan in Germantown, TN and I have heard some incredible stories about this brave young lady. Her faith is way beyond her years and she has been an incredible testimony to others thru this.

Please take 2 minutes to watch the video thru the Channel 5 link below.

How these fundraisers work:

Tastefully Simple
Follow this link bellow
Be sure to choose "Avery Downing" as your host when you check out.

Follow this link bellow
Any order placed within the month of March will go towards Team Avery.

I plan to donate to 'Team Avery' from my profits! Thank you so much for being apart of helping out this sweet girl and her family. Please keep the Downing family in your prayers.