Monday, March 5, 2012

6 Months Old!

I love being Lindley Belle's mommy. She changes my life for the better every day. Craig and I understand that she is our gift from Him and that our number one responsibility as her parents is to love Him more then we love her. That might sound weird but it's our calling as parents. When Craig and I pray over Lindley Belle at night, Craig always tells the Lord that we will strive to love Him first, so that in turn, Lindley Belle will never know a day when her parents did not point her to Christ. As her mommy, I am always trying to find ways to "be more spiritual" with her. There are many reasons why I love my husband, but when it comes to his role as Lindley Belle's daddy, I love how he always reminds me that the most "spiritual" thing I can do for LB is to love Christ first.

He leads our little family so well.

Our little butter ball turned 6 months old last Wednesday. Wow. It used to annoy me when I was pregnant and people would say "Oh, enjoy every stage bc it goes by so fast". Well, I've totally jumped on that bandwagon. When I look at Lindley Belle, I can hardly believe that she's not a newborn anymore. The newborn stage went by SO fast that I felt like it was over before it really even began! What a bittersweet emotion. She learns something new everyday and it's so exciting! Here are some pictures we took of her over the weekend.