Monday, August 1, 2011

Matthew 6:34

Hello blog friends - wow, I have not posted in almost 8 weeks. It's been a crazy couple of months for sure. Over the next few days I'll try to catch up on several belated posts but first thing first....


In May Craig interviewed with SBEC in Southaven, MS to be one of their assistant varsity football coaches and one of their Bible teachers. Craig graduated from SBEC in 2004 and played football there so of course the opportunity to return as a coach was exciting! Well, after several weeks of waiting on the Lord to show us our next step, Craig was officially offered the job! Looking back on it, 3-4 weeks was not a long period of time to wait but it seemed so difficult at the time. Maybe because we knew that if he got the job, that meant we were moving within the month. Or maybe it was because our lease at our home was up at the end of May and we didn't know what to do. Or maybe it was because I'm pregnant and my hormones were raging :) Whatever it was, in a very short amount of time we were learning more and more about how imperfect our timing was and how perfect God's timing is - even when you have NO clue what His plan is. I wrote down Matthew 6:34 on a piece of paper that I carried around with me for weeks in my purse.

It's always funny to me how we have to remind ourselves to not worry about stuff. It would be so much easier if we would just be calm and rest in the Lord during those times, but we always seem to choose the more stressful & difficult don't we? Making the decision to move was really hard on us. We knew it would be hard leave our life in Oxford - our sweet church that we had just joined back in January, our great friends and the Regents family. The opportunity for Craig to serve at SBEC and the chance to be back close to family with the baby coming was such a wonderful door the Lord had opened for us. We felt very blessed that He had granted us this opportunity. So on June 27th (our 2nd anniversary!) Craig and I moved back to Memphis! Well, technically we moved to Olive Branch, MS but we live on Stateline Rd so Memphis is right across the street :) We moved into a cute little apartment that we are growing to love. It sits on this little lake with ducks everywhere so Jake is in dog heaven! We have been here for about a month now and just last night Craig and I were talking about how blessed we are. He is really enjoying his new job, I am full of joy to be near my mom again, we are enjoying closeness with family and it's wonderful to be "living life" again with my sweet friends here. This move was so far from our radar just a few months ago but now that we are here, settling in and experiencing God's blessing - we are resting peacefully in knowing that God's way are always better. God's plan will always surpass your plan. God is always good.