Tuesday, August 9, 2011

20 Days!

Around mid-July I started suffering with this horrible itching that took over my whole body (head to toe!). At first I was sure it was just some weird pregnancy thing that I would just have to deal with. At the doctor that week I was told to try a bunch of different over the counter meds and home remedies. So another week went by, this time it was full of cold showers, oatmeal baths, lotions, creams, benadryl & claritin - nothing was working and I was feeling miserable. I was hardly sleeping, taking 2-4 oatmeal baths throughout the night, could barley leave the house because the heat would just increase the itching. I was back at the doctor on the 25th and this time they did a bunch of blood work, I wasn't sure what they were looking for but at this point I was willing to try anything. Two days later they called saying that my results were abnormal and that I needed to go straight their high risk pregnancy specialist. Thankfully Craig had the afternoon off so he was home when they called and was able to go with me.

After about 2 hours at this specialist's office filling out paper work, having more blood drawn & ultra sounds we finally met the doctor and got some answers. We learned that I had developed something called 'cholestasis' which is a liver disease that releases bile acids into the blood stream. The main symptom is itchy skin because the acids get absorbed in the skin. We then learned that it becomes dangerous for the baby after 38 weeks of pregnancy; increasing the rick of fetal distress, preterm birth and in some cases, stillbirth. Hearing that was not easy but the doctor was very calm and explained what our "plan of action" would be. The lungs are the last thing to develop around week 37, so the doctor said we should induce labor sometime between week 37 - 38. Along with inducing early, he said that I would need to be monitored twice a week till delivery to ensure that Lindley was not at risk. 

I have had 4 ultra sounds since then and so far everything is looking good. As long as things continue to be stable, we will be inducing on Monday, August 29th. That's in 20 days!! As any first time mom does, I've gone into major nesting mode to get our apartment ready...especially her nursery. We had our last birthing class last night so I feel very prepared in the labor & delivery area...just not prepared at home yet :)

We are so incredibly grateful for our wonderful doctors who have taken such great care of me. We see the Lord's mercies thru all of this and find our security in knowing that this was God's plan all along. We might have been shocked and upset by this news, but how beautiful to know that he ordained this path for our little girl before we even knew about her. What a mighty God we serve! We are so excited to meet our little gift from Him in just a few short weeks!