Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's The Holiday Season

Craig & I spent a week in Memphis for Christmas with our families. Our parents live about 15 house down from each other - which is so fun, but crazy at times :) But a fun crazy! Craig & I are very blessed with families who love spending time together and have lots of great traditions. There is never a dull or quiet moment during holidays :) I wanted to share with you a few pictures from our week of Christmas!

Craig's Family:

Craig & Emma - our niece 

Emma & Jack - our niece & nephew  

Craig's mom - playing Christmas hangman!

Craig & I with our cousin Angela

Mimi & Jim with her daughter & son-in-law, her son, and her niece & nephew 

Mimi with all her grandkids and great grandkids

The Daniel Family - Jerry, Diane, Will, Elaine, Emma & Jack (Savell), Craig & I

Missy's Family:

 Our annual Christmas gathering with the Oates/Orth Family

Sharon & Richard Oates with their grandson, Mom & Garry with their grandson

Telling everyone the rules for Dirty Santa (my brother called me a "Cici in Training")

Mom was excited about her was Isaiah!

My brothers, Matthew & Nathan with our grandparents

Craig & I with my grandparents

Mom was so happy to have all her kids in the same house! Our family just keeps growing!
Garry & Cindy Shriver
Matthew, Starr & Isaiah Ludlow
Craig & Missy Daniel
Joel & Emily Larsgaard (newlyweds!)
Nathan Ludlow
Ben Shriver

Craig & I, my sister Emily & her husband Joel - with our cousins Jamie & Elizabeth 

My sweet Mamaw

Craig and our cousin Jamie

Matching sweaters! Craig, Garry (my dad) & Isaiah (our nephew)