Thursday, December 23, 2010

Faith & Reliance

A quick update: My ultra sound on Monday showed that I have 2 very mature follicles! (They want them to be at least 18mm and mine were 22mm and 23.5mm). This means that the new medication is working beautifully and is helping my body do what it is naturally supposed to do. Since the follicles were already mature enough, they went a ahead and gave me the shot that was to release an egg (ovulation) 12-36 hours later. We are out of that 36 hour window of time so now it's just a waiting game. It's these times each month that really test and build my faith & reliance on the Lord. I will have blood drawn on Tuesday that will test how healthy my ovulation was. After that...we wait some more :)

Incase you were wondering what this shot is - it's called ovidrel. Ovidrel contains the hormone needed for a follicle to release an egg - something my body was lacking due to my PCOS. There is nothing dangerous about it. It's a hormone every regular fertile women has.

Thanks for all your prayers, emails & texts! Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pressing Forward

As you know, we have been on a month "off" from fertility treatment due to a large cyst that was found November 1st. Thank you all for your prayers. At first, talking November "off" was devastating! But now that we are on the other side of it, we are thankful for that time to rest, prepare our hearts and regroup. And as much as I love being organized it was nice to take a brake from constantly counting my cycle days and obsessing over medication & doctor appointments. We feel like the time "off" really helped us regain some strength for the next steps and we are prepared to move forward!

An ultra sound this week showed the cyst was gone - PTL! We had a consultation with our doctor yesterday morning. Craig was not able to go so my sweet mom went with me. It was great to have her there! He has started me on a new oral fertility medication called Letrozole. It is comparable to clomid (what I had been on since April) but studies have shown that some women who do not respond to clomid do respond to Letrozole. Kind of like how Tylenol might work for you but Advil works better for someone else. He went ahead and put me on the highest dosage of this medication - I really appreciate his aggressiveness! :) On Monday the 20th I will have an ultrasound to look for mature follicles. If there are some, I will give myself that shot I mentioned a couple months ago. The medication in the shot is supposed to trigger the release of an egg (ovulation). A week later they will do blood work to see if that did in fact help me ovulate.

He also went ahead and told me what we would do in January if the above doesn't work. He will keep me on the same oral dosage of Letrozole along with a medication called Follistim which I will give to myself (at home shots) 8-12 times throughout the cycle. The medication in these shots are supposed to stimulate the ovaries in order to help mature follicles. Which then if mature follicles are made, I will then do the other at home shot that is supposed to release the egg.

WHEW! I know that's a lot of information that probably sounds like I'm talking code :) Thank you ALL for being so wonderful and supportive!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Happiest Place On Earth

Last month, I had a staff conference to attend in Orlando and it landed over Craig's birthday. Thankfully he was able to take the week off and travel with me. The entire Ole Miss Crusade staff (except Amy Cole since she was just a few weeks pregnant & Baldwin Smith) and our Italian friend Davide decided to head down to Orlando 2 days before the conference to tackle the wonderful world of Disney! I love how it doesn't matter your age - at Disney World everyone is 6 years old again! Here are some pics of our amazing 48 hours in the happiest place on earth!

Craig celebrating his 25th birthday at Disney!!!