Friday, November 5, 2010

Go Regents Lions!

When Craig and I got married last June, and I moved to Oxford to be with him we were sure that we would only live here for 1 year - then on to seminary we would go! In October of last year, we had been married a short 4 months and we received a phone call that would change our life. The head master of Regents Classical School of Oxford called Craig and basically offered him the job as their first every Athletic Director and Head Football Coach. Regents is a wonderful private school here in Oxford that at this point had yet to really tap into the athletic side of an educational system. After several months of prayers and seeking advise from family and friends - we felt the Lord calling us to stay in Oxford and for Craig to take this job. Here we are, a year after that phone call - Craig just finished his first season of coaching football! He loved every part of it. Regents has brought so many blessing into our lives and we are so grateful to be apart of this wonderful school. The Lord has provided Craig with a job where is gets paid to talk sports and God in the same sentence. What a dream job! Thank you God for your faithfulness!

Craig with his assistance coaches and the JV team

Craig & I at one of his games! I love being school spirited :)