Thursday, October 21, 2010

God Creates Life-Recreates Us In The Process

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an open book, but this journey is very personal and therefor I want to be careful with how I approach sharing this. In April, Craig and I felt the Lord calling us to start a family; it's been 7 months and we are still seeking the Lord's will.

We knew that some would wonder why we were trying to have a child after only a year of marriage, but 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome aka PCOS. The basic physical effects are irregular or no cycles, lack of ovulation & weight gain. When Craig & I married in June 2009 we knew that due to this syndrome, conceiving a child would not be easy so we followed the Lord's calling to start trying early. Simply having the fact of a health problem can in no way prepare you for how it will effect you emotionally - both negatively & positively. But the most important thing we have learned thus far - God is good, always. He will "never leave you nor forsake you".

With the knowledge of my PCOS, we talked with my OBGYN in April about our options for conceiving a child. Below is the short version of what then followed:

May - started clomid (ovulation fertility drug) & it did not work
June - took a higher dose of clomid & again learned it did not work
July - took an even higher dose of clomid & again it did not work
August - again took more clomid, only to learn it again did not work. Also this month I had a hysterosalpinogram done at Baptist Women's Hospital in Memphis. This procedure was performed to make sure that my PCOS was the only issue we are dealing with.
Those results showed no other problems - Praise the Lord!
September - took yet another round of clomid with an added medication called metformin & this month my blood work finally showed that there was some advancement in my ovulating. We were thrilled - it was such a leap in the right direction after months of nothing. My OBGYN was honest with us this month, telling us that it would be best if she reffered us to a fertility specialist - a reproductive endocrinologist. 
October - we had our first consultation with this new doctor on the 1st. After our 4 hour appointment full of tests & answering questions, we felt very encouraged by what the doctor had to say and his plan of action. That day we were overwhelmed by the wisdom God grants to doctors. We know that it is an incredible blessing that He has placed this doctor in our life and we are utterly grateful to Him for providing us the means to attend that day. Sadly, even with this doctor's aggressive plan, an ultra sound last week did not give us the results we were hoping for. Due to my PCOS, even with the clomid, my ovaries are not able to produce a mature follicle that will release a healthy egg. We have been prescribed an at home shot that Craig will give to me as soon as the doctor can find the right medication combination that will produce a mature follicle. This shot will then help with the release of the egg. Obviously the many rounds of clomid has not helped, so the doctor has decided to finally take me off of that medication and start a new kind. Next week I will start a fertility drug called letrozole. 2 weeks after starting this drug, I will have an ultra sound to look for a mature follicle. If there is one, I will take the shot at home (I'm actually a wimp so Craig will have to give it to me).

This month has been the hardest yet. Something about going to a fertility specialist hits you harder then just going to an OBGYN. Craig & I have really felt "reality" this month! We are so grateful for our close friends & family who have shared in this journey thus far. Their support and prayers have meant the world to us. And as we move into what seems to be a deeper chapter of this book with this new doctor, we covet your prayers. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for loving us!